WHY…. Yes! It’s happening. I’m going global.

Super excited to announce my live online class

“Be a Great Freelancer” is now open for booking.

It’s for best-selling author of ‘Start with Why’ Simon Sinek‘s global platform.

WHY... Yes! 'Be a great freelancer class' now live on simonsinek.com | 9th September 2

It’s amazing what happens when you get to work with such a great publishing team at Penguin who look after so many awesome writers. What I’d never expected is that I’d have the privilege of collaborating with any of them – let alone Simon Sinek.

So when I was asked if I was interested in collaborating with @Simonsinek for his live online classes there was only one answer “Why… yes!”

So here I am, coming to you live on Wed 9th Sept; as part of the @simonsinek – Live Online Classes’


It’s an honour and privilege to be working with such a distinguished and high profile person who really leads the field as far as business inspiration and empowerment goes. For now it is time to get my head down and putting the final touches to my class.