Alison Grade Transforming creative ideas into businesses Sun, 16 May 2021 08:27:31 +0000 en-GB hourly 1 First Steps into Film and TV – Switch on your potential – 24th June 2021 Fri, 14 May 2021 15:18:17 +0000  First Steps into Film and TV - Switch on your potential - 24th June 2021 3

First Steps into Film & TV is a one-day event designed to demystify how you can build a career in the film and TV industries.

24th June 2021  |  9.30 am – 5.30 pm  |  ONLINE EVENT

BOOK NOW for early bird tickets

This event is the place to find out how the film and TV job search really works.

The day features a curated series of talks and panel discussions backed up with useful industry resources. You’ll hear from industry experts whose role it is to hire for productions – and they’ll let you in on the secrets of what they look for – and how to make that all important first impression.

You will also hear from those who have recently embarked on the TV and film journey and how they are building their careers. You will discover their tips and tricks for gaining traction, and the various DOs and DON’Ts that they’ve learned along the way.

First Steps into Film and TV is a not to be missed one-day event. It will put you in the driving seat so that, by the end of the day, you will be empowered with the knowledge you need to Switch On Your Potential and go out and find the work that best suits you in Film and TV.

If you are looking to gain traction with a career in Film or TV and struggling to get your foot in the door then First Steps into Film and TV is the event for you.

This event is designed to showcase the wide variety and range of roles for new entrants in film and TV and as such is open to everyone, not just those who have studied media.

Limited early bird tickets on sale now BOOK NOW

First Steps into Film and TV - Switch on your potential - 24th June 2021 4

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The Freelance Bible supports launch in UK on 2nd November 2020 Mon, 02 Nov 2020 06:33:04 +0000

The Freelance Bible is proud to support – a new online bookseller that supports local independent bookshops

The retailer, launching today in the UK, has over 150 indie bookshops already signed up as well as publishers including Faber & Faber, Atlantic, Picador and Jacaranda . has fast-tracked its UK launch after huge success in the US earlier this year and aims to help indies challenge Amazon. It expects 200 stores to have signed up by the end of the year and gives indie bookshops the full profit margin, 30% of the cover price, from each sale they generate on the platform.

Books are offered to consumers at a small discount and delivered within two to three days with all customer service and shipping handled by the site and Gardners.  Launched in the US in January 2020 the company has already become hugely popular – sales have grown exponentially since February when they sold approx $50,000 across the month to April when they sold $150,000 per day. So far in the US they have generated $7.5m in sales for independent bookshops.

“This is an exciting moment for the UK independent bookseller” says Alison Grade, Author of The Freelance Bible. “My book is aimed at the existing and soon to be freelancers, who very often by the nature of their work, have close ties with local businesses and they want to find ways to support them as well as the wider independent retail economy. Until launched there hasn’t been an online alternative for books and now there is. I am excited to be with them from the start.”

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Middlesex University enlists freelancing expert Alison Grade to kickstart their students careers Thu, 29 Oct 2020 17:37:09 +0000 Middlesex University

Middlesex University have called on the expertise of The Freelance Bible author and award-winning entrepreneur Alison Grade, in order to get their students ready for the world of freelancing.

Using her Amazon best-seller The Freelance Bible, as well as her decades of freelance experience in international television and film production, rights management and strategy, Alison will guide students through a packed day of learning the very practical skill of working on their freelancing.

‘Many Universities deliver world-class learning on how to work ‘in’ freelancing, but great freelancers need to be brilliant at working ‘on’ their freelancing. This can include everything from developing your personal brand, growing your client base, managing your work, as well as negotiating deals and valuing your time as you become more established. This training works in tandem with students existing learning to give tangible added value to their degree. Many new freelancers are missing these important skills, and this is where they struggle to gain traction with their careers. After this day of intense learning, Middlesex University students will have these skills’ says Alison Grade.

Middlesex University enlists freelancing expert Alison Grade to kickstart their students careers 6

Dr. Edward McCaffrey, Senior Lecturer of BA Film [Production] at Middlesex University, where the training will take place said: ‘The Freelance Bible is essential for any freelancer, and should be on the reading list of every creative student. I am delighted to say that Middlesex University students will now also be learning directly from the author herself in this comprehensive seminar. These innovative lessons break new ground in the way our students will learn real-world skills, and give them fundamental expertise that they can take with them beyond their academic studies. This will be invaluable in ensuring that they begin their freelancer journey on the strongest footing possible. All creative students need this book in their lives. Thank you so much to Alison for writing it’

Alison Grade’s workshop with Middlesex University 3rd year Film Entrepreneurship Students is taking place on Monday 2nd November 2020.

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Work with me: Freelancer wanted for a research project on employability in the West Midlands Screen Sector Tue, 06 Oct 2020 16:32:55 +0000 Update 9.10.20: Applications now closed

Research project for Mission Accomplished Ltd.

The role is for approx. 10 days between now and end of November 2020.

Fee: £2,500 to complete the work. The work will take place remotely and flexible working is assumed.

This is a freelance role, based remotely and candidates are expected to have their own laptop / computer and broadband to enable them to deliver the services required.

What is the role?

Mission Accomplished is looking for a freelancer to join the team for a short research project.

The project is focussed on understanding the pipeline for new talent into work in the screen sector in the West Midlands.

The role will involve working for Alison Grade, Project Lead and Owner of Mission Accomplished. It will be:

  • to carry out the qualitative research for the project
  • to support with the analysis and interpretation of the research
  • to support with the preparation of a client presentation of findings

What skills / experience am I looking for?

The ideal person would be someone who has experience of working in the screen sector in an editorial and/or hiring role.


  • Knowledge and experience of working in screen sector
  • Strong editorial / research skills
  • Strong ability to communicate and engage senior managers in screen sector
  • Ability to analyse and interpret research material
  • Strong ability to write reports in word
  • Strong ability to prepare powerpoint decks
  • Ability to work independently


  • Had responsibility for hiring in the screen sector
  • Interest in training and developing the next generation of screen sector talent
  • Understands the WM screen sector landscape

Applications now closed

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Work with me: I’m recruiting a freelance PA / Project Manager with knowledge of screen sector for 6 month contract Tue, 06 Oct 2020 14:10:09 +0000 Update 14.10.20: Applications now closed

PA and Project Manager to Alison Grade, Mission Accomplished Ltd.

The role is for upto 6 months from early October 2020 until March 31st 2021.

Rate: £1,700-2,000 per month for 4-5 days per week (according to experience).

This is a freelance role, based remotely and candidates are expected to have their own laptop / computer and broadband to enable them to deliver the services required.

What is the role?

The role is to support Alison Grade, Author of The Freelance Bible and founder of training and strategy consultancy Mission Accomplished.

Mission Accomplished has grown significantly over the last 6 months and Alison is now looking to consolidate her ad-hoc freelance project support into one role that supports her as both a PA and also supports the delivery of a number of client projects.

Mission Accomplished’s work is focussed on the Creative Industries – in particular the screen industries – and much of the client work is focussed in these sectors. Clients also include many HE and FE establishments across the UK as well as the West Midlands Creative Scale Up Programme and ScreenSkills. The company is based in Birmingham, West Midlands.

What skills / experience am I looking for?

The ideal person would be someone with a keen interest and/or knowledge of the screen sector and/or wider creative industries. It would be a bonus if they were based in the West Midlands area but that is not essential.

The role will be split between project management of client projects and PA work to support Alison and the operations of Mission Accomplished. The majority of the work supports training and development activities for our clients.

It would suit someone who has some experience of working in a TV/film production office as a production secretary or production co-ordinator or someone who is seeking to work in this area. And as this is an outward facing role, I am looking for someone who is a confident communicator both in writing and over the phone (and video calls).

Essential for the role:

Highly efficient PA and Project Manager with experience managing small business going through rapid growth;

Diary management;

Basic bookkeeping skills;

Confident with Microsoft Office and all the packages; able to produce high level documents and spreadsheets;

Project management skills; able to plan work through the business as well as manage multiple deadlines;

Powerful communicator; able to demonstrate ability to manage stakeholder relationships, sometimes complex, with ease;

Problem solver

Must be able to work under own initiative and uphold the Mission Accomplished values and ethos.

Desirable skills

Sector experience, preferably within Screen Skills;

Understanding of Higher Education/Further Education systems in addition to Creative Sector knowledge;

Application details:

Applications will be assessed on a rolling basis as I am looking to engage the role ASAP.

Interviews will be conducted over Zoom.

Interested applicants should send a CV and covering letter detailing their experience for the role and their availability to: hello[at]alisongrade[dot]com

For more information about Alison and her work:

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BOOK NOW: Live Online Author Book Club starts Friday 25th September Wed, 02 Sep 2020 07:59:19 +0000 Considering a freelance career?

Looking to take your freelancing to the next level?

Join this masterclass series with best-selling author, freelancer and mentor, Alison Grade, to inspire and empower you.BOOK NOW: Live Online Author Book Club starts Friday 25th September 8

  • Are you worried that your job may be at risk and considering going freelance?
  • Are you just starting out on your freelance journey and it all feels daunting?
  • Are you struggling to gain traction with your freelance career?
  • Do you have a side hustle you’ve always wanted to develop?
  • Are you looking to turn your side hustle into a full hustle?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes then the Live Author Book Club led by Alison Grade, author of The Freelance Bible will inspire and empower you to take these next steps.


This live online course takes place on Friday lunchtimes for 6 weeks for 75 minutes a week and takes you through everything you need to help build a sustainable freelance career.

The book club is run as an interactive discussion class in a small group of up to 12 people – ensuring that everyone gets an opportunity to ask questions and discuss their challenges in a supportive, group environment.

Author Alison Grade is a career freelancer and serial entrepreneur. She describes her key skill as ‘transforming ideas into a business reality’. Over the 6 weeks you will have the opportunity to work with Alison in a small group to dive deeper into the challenges you are facing with your freelance career and gain expert insights and support from the author that will both inspire and empower you to help build a successful freelance career.
Registration for the class includes a signed copy of Alison’s book which will be posted out to you in advance.
Each class will focus on selected chapters of the book and will provide the group with the opportunity to explore each theme in more depth.

Week 1: What do I do? (Chapters 1 & 2)

Friday 25th September 2020 | 12.30 – 13.45 BST

In this first session you will look at what it means to be freelance, what skills you have that you can offer and how you can reimagine what you can do to unlock new opportunities and build your own Brand Me.

Week 2: Why will clients hire me? (Chapter 3)

Friday 2nd October 2020 | 12.30 – 13.45 BST

Week 2 focusses on translating all the things you can do into customer-focussed thinking so that you can build your own ‘Why Me?’ Proposition for your clients

Week 3: Money – valuing myself and managing my finances (Chapters 4 & 5)

Friday 9th October 2020 | 12.30 – 13.45 BST

Irregular income can be really challenging for freelancers, this week you’ll look at how you can take ownership of your finances. You’ll also explore further the tools for valuing yourself and how to recognise over and under-pricing.

Week 4: Articulating my vision (Chapters 6 & 7)

Friday 16th October 2020 | 12.30 – 13.45 BST

In week 4 you start to put all your thinking into action as you start to articulate your Brand Me messaging for your target audience and which platforms are right for your chosen audience(s).

Week 5: Winning new clients (Chapters 8, 9 & 10)

Friday 23rd October 2020 | 12.30 – 13.45 BST

With your messaging now ready it’s time to focus in detail on the clients you are looking to target and how you will get in front of them with your Why Me? pitch. You’ll take a deep dive into the value of your networks and how you nurture and leverage these to win new clients.

Week 6: Pacing yourself for a marathon (Chapters 11, 12 & 13)

Friday 30th October 2020 | 12.30 – 13.45 GMT

In this final session you’ll look ahead to your aims for your freelance career and how you can take charge as your own CEO. Where do you want to go? How are you going to get there? And how are you going to do this with a smile on your face. You’ll also look at the different hats the freelancer needs to wear and examine which ones you will find challenging.


Praise for Alison’s training:

“The webinar was excellent – densely packed with sensible, practical advice and presented in a very clear way. Thank you!”

“I found your webinar so helpful. I’ve already started a skills audit and it’s helped me to rethink my direction for the medium and long term. Thank you so much.”

“I just wanted to take a moment to write and say how brilliant that webinar was this afternoon. You really hit the spot of so many things I needed to hear. Extremely practical, relevant and insightful. Really can’t thank you enough for all your webinars. I wish that one had gone on for the whole day! “

“I thoroughly enjoyed the webinar and found it really valuable.”

“Thank you for the webinars and their detailed and practical advice which, for someone like myself in the early stages of directing was absolutely invaluable for context and confidence. I very much look forward to future sessions.”

“I just wanted to let you know how extremely happy I am with all the advice and mentoring you have given me.”

** Due to limited spaces in book club, all ticket purchases are final **

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The Freelance Bible | From 1st September available on Tue, 01 Sep 2020 06:51:56 +0000 It’s Tuesday 1st September 2020 …

and that can only mean one thing …

The Freelance Bible is now available worldwide …


The Freelance Bible | From 1st September available on 10There are no excuses now for anyone, anywhere in the world not to have their own copy. Whether it’s the paperback that has just started shipping today or the e-book or audiobook (read by me) you can access The Freelance Bible to help you on your journey to being the best freelancer you can be.

I wrote the book to help all freelancers, wherever they are on their freelancing journey – from just thinking about it right through to long-time freelancer who wants to work on their freelancing.

With the strong support and guidance from the team at Penguin I focussed the book on the ubiquitous aspects of freelancing that are common to all freelancers that broadly break down into 3 parts:

  • Skills
  • Finances
  • Desires

I am really excited that The Freelance Bible is now available for delivery worldwide.

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WHY… Yes! ‘Be a great freelancer class’ now live on | 9th September Fri, 28 Aug 2020 06:40:56 +0000 WHY…. Yes! It’s happening. I’m going global.

Super excited to announce my live online class

“Be a Great Freelancer” is now open for booking.

It’s for best-selling author of ‘Start with Why’ Simon Sinek‘s global platform.

WHY... Yes! 'Be a great freelancer class' now live on | 9th September 12

It’s amazing what happens when you get to work with such a great publishing team at Penguin who look after so many awesome writers. What I’d never expected is that I’d have the privilege of collaborating with any of them – let alone Simon Sinek.

So when I was asked if I was interested in collaborating with @Simonsinek for his live online classes there was only one answer “Why… yes!”

So here I am, coming to you live on Wed 9th Sept; as part of the @simonsinek – Live Online Classes’


It’s an honour and privilege to be working with such a distinguished and high profile person who really leads the field as far as business inspiration and empowerment goes. For now it is time to get my head down and putting the final touches to my class.

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ScreenSkills – The Freelance Toolkit Wed, 08 Jul 2020 19:16:29 +0000 Freelance Toolkit – 3rd edition

ScreenSkills’ Freelance Toolkit has been a valuable booklet for many years. In fact, I’ve had the pleasure of handing out many copies to students as part of the course materials for many training courses I’ve delivered.

ScreenSkills - The Freelance Toolkit 14

So I was honoured when Margaret and Jo commissioned to do the update to the 3rd edition. Unlike previous editions the primary focus for this version is the ScreenSkills website due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown. This presents both opportunities and challenges.

The opportunities are that it can easily be linked to other valuable industry resources both within the ScreenSkills website – such as bursaries and mentoring opportunities as well as wider sector networks such as BAFTA and the many specific guilds that support each screen department. It also allows us  to pepper short films about freelancing to support the written content as well as providing downloadable templates.

The challenges are to make sure that the content reads well for the web. Jo Ind handles this challenge brilliantly and just waves her magic wand across it all and translates seamlessly to the web.

The end result is a screen sector specific toolkit aimed at new entrants to freelancing and more experienced freelancers to help them navigate the challenges that being a freelancer entails. Particularly in the screen industry where there are many peculiarities.

It has been a pleasure to work on and I am delighted that both Margaret and Jo are pleased with the end result.

To have a look at the Freelance Toolkit click here

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The Design Trust – webinar Fri, 03 Jul 2020 19:43:51 +0000 How to be a great freelancer

Being a great freelancer is more than being great at working ‘in’ the work you do – you need to be great at working ‘on’ your freelancing. In this session you’ll learn from author of The Freelance Bible, Alison Grade, how to work ‘on’ you freelancing. and prepare yourself so you are best positioned to find the work you want to do. You’ll learn why freelancing is like dating and how you can use this knowledge to be strategic when winning new clients.

The Design Trust - webinar 16

This session will teach you how to build your successful freelance psyche by maintaining a balance of:

  • Skills – what skills and mindset does a freelancer need?
  • Finances – what do I really need to live on? How do I value myself?
  • Desires – how do I find and date clients to win business?

This session will give you a framework which you can use to work ‘on’ your freelancing and build a successful and sustainable freelance career.

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