Spotlight on Freelancing webinar for LBS MBAs

It was an honour to be invited to do a webinar for London Business School’s MBA and EMBA students and shining a spotlight on freelancing.Webinar with London Business School's MBAs and EMBAs 2

Being an MBA myself (from INSEAD as opposed to LBS) I was familiar with the likely profile and experiences of the audience and that many would have come from a corporate background and had little exposure to freelancing.

It felt very pertinent in these uncertain times to be delivering practical information about freelancing to an MBA audience. Many of whom will be facing an uncertain time ahead in their careers as global industry has all but ground to a halt in many countries and many sectors. Freelancing has the potential to open up new opportunities in new locations for these highly skilled professionals. Whether they are looking to escape the boardroom and the bureaucracy, work more locally or just embrace a portfolio career – having an understanding of freelancing provides a valuable framework to explore new opportunities from.

Thank you very much to Paul Drew and Freya Evans for inviting me to speak – I very much look forward to talking freelancing with you again soon.