Middlesex University

Middlesex University have called on the expertise of The Freelance Bible author and award-winning entrepreneur Alison Grade, in order to get their students ready for the world of freelancing.

Using her Amazon best-seller The Freelance Bible, as well as her decades of freelance experience in international television and film production, rights management and strategy, Alison will guide students through a packed day of learning the very practical skill of working on their freelancing.

‘Many Universities deliver world-class learning on how to work ‘in’ freelancing, but great freelancers need to be brilliant at working ‘on’ their freelancing. This can include everything from developing your personal brand, growing your client base, managing your work, as well as negotiating deals and valuing your time as you become more established. This training works in tandem with students existing learning to give tangible added value to their degree. Many new freelancers are missing these important skills, and this is where they struggle to gain traction with their careers. After this day of intense learning, Middlesex University students will have these skills’ says Alison Grade.

Middlesex University enlists freelancing expert Alison Grade to kickstart their students careers 1

Dr. Edward McCaffrey, Senior Lecturer of BA Film [Production] at Middlesex University, where the training will take place said: ‘The Freelance Bible is essential for any freelancer, and should be on the reading list of every creative student. I am delighted to say that Middlesex University students will now also be learning directly from the author herself in this comprehensive seminar. These innovative lessons break new ground in the way our students will learn real-world skills, and give them fundamental expertise that they can take with them beyond their academic studies. This will be invaluable in ensuring that they begin their freelancer journey on the strongest footing possible. All creative students need this book in their lives. Thank you so much to Alison for writing it’

Alison Grade’s workshop with Middlesex University 3rd year Film Entrepreneurship Students is taking place on Monday 2nd November 2020.